Inventory with ease

Service User Research, Interaction Design

Team members Philipp Geuder, Stefan Hintz, Colette Hampel, Fabian Moron Zirfas

My tasks User Research, Concept, Prototyping, Usability Testing, Copy

Year 2015

The Potsdam University of Applied Sciences, Germany, maintains several design studios and labs offering the possibility to borrow technical equipment for student projects.

To access the technical equipment in the most effective way, some students were asked to develop and implement a new internal inventory system. This system was supposed to facilitate the lending process and to replace previously used handwritten lists.

Bonanza's goal: keeping track of cameras and other technical equipment

„Bonanza“ provides a better experience for both the lab supervisors and the students. The clear structure of the system reflecting the lending process and its minimalistic visual design enable lab staff to easily keep track of the inventory. A powerful search helps find the appropriate equipment for student projects across studios. The system also offers email notifications about borrowed items, upcoming or overdue returns as well as a personal overview.

The lab supervisor's cart when lending technical equipment to students

Intermediate steps to the final screen design


Following the usual design process, the team conducted user research with lab supervisors as well as students to find out more about the needs when lending/borrowing tech equipment.

After that, the team presented a concept to the stakeholders, and sketches and wireframes were created.