Bringing logistics up to speed

Service App / web portal / product web site redesign, heuristic evaluation, concept, prototyping, UI design, branding, copy

Year 2020

HABBL is a platform providing all stakeholders along the logistics chain with real-time information on orders and deliveries. Drivers benefit from an app that guides them step by step through predefined workflows.

After the acquisition of HABBL by Daimler, I was asked to, first, assess and optimize the user experience of the HABBL app and web portal, second, develop new features based on stakeholder requests, and third, translate the new corporate design into the app’s visual style.

The HABBL app redesign

The redesign process started with a heuristic analysis of the existing HABBL app and the corresponding web portal.

Whereas portal and app initially contained only one accent colour, the updated visual design deliberately uses more colors to indicate actionable items, or to highlight important ones.

Also, the layout was cleaned up and optimized for mobile use and the specific needs of the target audience: the font size and touch areas were increased, as well as the contrast and padding between elements.

The HABBL app before (left) and after the redesign (right)

Always leading the way: the new HABBL app

All elements were touched and improved regarding their usability.

In addition to the visual overhaul, new features were developed:
a faster navigation (1), a more personal start page (2), a more focused task layout (3), and streamlined task modules such as the barcode scanner (4).

Flow charts facilitated the discussion of new concepts with the lead developper, i.e. about new concepts, here:
keeping a constant link to the HABBL app when using a 3rd party app through a floating widget.

The HABBL web portal redesign

The HABBL web portal helps all stakeholders along the logistics chain keep an overview of deliveries, drivers, and ultimately: their business.

I developed several concepts to illustrate potential extensions of the HABBL web portal’s functionality to guide and facilitate discussions on the future development of the web portal. These concepts include e.g. a new order management and a timeline view extending the already existing map view of current orders and deliveries, as well as a more visual and interactive workflow editor.